How Easy is it to Find Information About Drug Metabolism on the Internet?

Not so easy is the answer.  A recent survey of the top 100 hits in a Google search of "Drug Metabolism" returned a paltry amount of really useful information (Figure 1).  Only 10% of the hits returned were for web-sites that were truly information-rich about drug metabolism.  By information-rich, we mean sites like this one, and this site wasn't one of the top 100 (must work of the search engine optimisation!).


Figure 1. Results of a Google Search for "Drug Metabolism"

The majority (37%) of web-sites returned were for organisations (e.g. ISSX) with a further 18% for commercial web-sites (Pfizer, Astra-Zeneca, Merck, etc.).  Almost a quarter of the hits were accounted for by journal web-sites or by article abstracts provided by indexing services.  The final 10 hits were made up of biographies (4), portals (3), other search engines (2) and junk (2).

This is all very interesting at the right time.  If you want a new job it may be great to find that AZ are recruiting drug metabolists (not so great if it turns out it was in 2005!).  And it would be easier to go to a dedicated job-search web-site rather than a Google search on drug metabolism.  If you are looking for an article about drug metabolism, again it must be more efficient to go straight to Pubmed or your favourite indexing service to do that - not a Google search.

Sure there are search engines out there other than Google, but it is the most heavily used, so it's disappointing that useful information about drug metabolism is being swamped.  The Google engine is alledgedly so clever and yet it doesn't seem able to prioritise or filter information in a usable way.  If you're reading this then you've obviously found the site somehow, and know the level of information available.  But the aim is to have it grow and become a useful hub for drug metabolism scientists, so that maybe one day you won't need to do Google Searches because everything you need is here or is reachable from here.  With this aim in mind, please do send your favourite links so that they can be added to the Links Page.  And if you know of a more reliable search tool for drug metabolism searches then please send that too so that everyone can share your good fortune.