Drug Metabolism Toolbox


Search 145 biotransformation reactions by:

  • reaction type
  • functional group
  • substrate

The database is primarily set up to provide interesting or instructional examples of the many and various different types of biotransformations encountered in drug metabolism.

It is not an exhaustive catalogue of the metabolism of each functional group or substrate.

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Allometric Scaling

If you have plasma clearance data from at least three species, this application will predict human  plasma clearance by allometric scaling.

The application generates a full report (abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion) for you.

The scaling is based on the algorithm of Mahmood and Balian (1996) and the liver blood flow method of Ward and Smith (2004).

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Mass Calculator

This application will calculate the molecular mass, accurate to six decimal places, of a molecule based on it's empirical formula.

The mass calculated is the monoisotopic mass based on the most abundant naturally occuring isotope of each atom.

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Useful links related to drug metabolism with a brief description about them.

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Books related to drug metabolism, mass spectrometry, NMR, HPLC, toxicology and drug development

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